For Your Ultimate Security Fencing Solutions!


Razor Diamond Mesh - The most effective of all razor wire. With the diamonds size being 300mm high x 150mm across. It also has reinforced blades and wire and are very strong and sharp.


The Razor Mesh is available in a Razor Strip which is 450mm Dia for wall top or fence top security. The Razor Mesh Strip can be installed on any wall or fence top, straight or on a angle.


The Razor Diamond Mesh For freestanding fences are available in the following Standard height sizes: 1.2m (4ft), 1.8m (6ft), 2.1m (7ft) & 2.4m (8ft). Razor Diamond Mesh has become very popular especially for security fences aroung airports, oil depots, fuel depots, borders, electrical sub stations, prisons, large factories & casino’s.


The Razor Diamond Mesh 450mm Dia can be spray painted any colour of your choice. Where smaller children are involved we suggest rather installing it as a wall or fence top security fence to avoid any unnecessary danger and/or injuries.

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